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Owned and operated by naturopathic health and wellness professionals, Health Addicts Haven is your destination for general health and wellness checks and exams, aesthetics, group fitness and much more. We make it easy to give your health and well being the attention they deserve, with things like child care, licensed naturopathic doctors, fitness experts and more.

Improve your personal wellness

  • We specially accommodate the needs of mothers and on-the-go professionals, with things like child care and tutoring.
  • Our location offers a unique all-in-one focus on personal well being, including medical self-care, exercise options and child care.
  • We have a staff that includes established, experienced fitness instructors and a licensed Naturopathic doctor in Chandler, AZ, as well as certified injectors for all our treatments.
  • We extend a wide variety of aesthetic treatments to our members, including facials, PRP treatment, micro-needling and more.

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Our goal is to build a wellness community where people can discover their own personal path to longevity, prosperity and happiness.

About Us

Find Your Highest Level of Personal Wellness

Living your best life means discovering fitness, wellness and self-confidence through beauty. At Health Addicts Haven, we give you access to everything you need to look and feel your best! With a focus on naturopathic medicine in Chandler, AZ, we offer a wide number of aesthetic treatments, therapies, restorative services and more, you’ll have the resources, empowerment and expert guidance you need to put yourself on the path to wellness. And, best of all, we eliminate the barriers that come with being a parent by making our facilities accommodating to your kids! We are a place where parents can take care of themselves without feeling guilty about their children.

Through a comprehensive approach to naturopathic health care in Chandler, AZ, we help our members understand their bodies and their unique needs better than ever before. Through wellness exams, allergy testing and preventative self-care education, we give you the information you need to live better. With acute care and pain management options, we’ll help you address conditions keeping you from living well, and we even offer aesthetic treatments to leave you looking as rejuvenated as you feel! Don’t forget to join one of our group fitness classes to meet other motivated individuals like yourself and to keep yourself fit and active each day.

If you’re ready to live your best life, Health Addicts Haven is ready to help. Visit us today and let us help you get started down the right path to personal wellness.

Live Your Best Life

Don’t let daily barriers keep you from being happy, healthy and fit! Make time to visit Health Addicts Haven and give your well being the attention it deserves.

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